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Welcome to my new website. It’s been a while in the making and I’m happy to finally have an online space sorted where I can share both my professional and some personal interests. It’s also been fun learning how to build this site using Jekyll, though it took a bit of time to work it all out. I love how the whole site can be built predominately out of a series of markdown files. It’s also nice how you can host sites for free on Github.com.

I was also keen to have a site that made it as enticing as possible to add blog posts. With Jekyll sites, adding new blog posts is as simple as writing the post in markdown and saving it as an (appropriately named) file to the blog directly — and that’s it! I’m hoping this will encourage me to make time to share my thoughts on a range of topics covering my research, wider thoughts about conservation, environmentalism, and huge topic of where we’re headed as a society over the next decades. This latter topic includes thinking about future scenarios that once seemed completely dystopian, but now are at least worth considering as a low probability but plausible futures. And it’s fascinating (and scary) to think about the implications for biodiversity conservation under these types of futures. Oh, and it’ll be great to write a bit about my other interests too, including contemplative practices, music and improvisation.